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wedding photography milwaukee


I went to church this morning, and the "sentence of the day" was:

<What was, no longer exist>

I thought in myself... what a great exemple of lapalissade !!! But it made me think of yesterday, the wedding I did photography.

Weddings, still, does to me always the same thing: I think they are very emotionals, and I have my throat tickle, a tear of emotion wanting to come out.. I tell myself "no, no, no". But it is here, each and every time. I guess the day I do not feel this emotion anymore, I will have to stop to be a wedding photographer. 

It made it to me 3 times yesterday: when the bride arrived with her father (always very intense), when I heared the groom speak with emotion in his voice, and when I saw some tears in the bride's eyes.

Yes, I know it is a lot ;-) And I do not even know anybody in this wedding!

So I decided to be poetic (with pictures) this morning with this blog post as this wedding is still fresh with me.




wedding photography milwaukee


I can imagine the grand-daughter of C. (when C. and J. will be 90 years old)  watching her wedding album with C. and asking why the picture is out of focus... we do not see the bride and groom !?????

C. can answer, "do not worry we hired a strange French photographer that was doing some weird pictures sometimes".

Or she could answer, "this picture represent the time. This grass was the witness of our love at this moment... Does the grass exist today? No. But our love, as this picture shows, will last forever"



wedding photography milwaukee



I know you are wondering when you will be able to see the face of the bride and the groom.... Not in this post !

This post is to show time only...



wedding photography milwaukee


Not only time, but a moment of life that is timeless... I think those pictures are moments of their day, that change what the priest said today... What was, no longer exist... I do not think so !


The first picture of the post is not blowry, the first picture is romantic ;-) It shows the bride and groom, walking together for the last time as a non maried couple, rushing back to the ceremony location.


And the best beautiful timeless picture of the day, is the father and the mother of the bride holding hands...


wedding photography milwaukee


I would like to say to all my future brides who booked with me, do not worry, I also do normal pictures ;-) My mood this morning is poetic, certainly weird for a lot of you... You can say this is because I am French !

But I will come back with images where you see distincly everything, even the bride and groom will not be blurry !!!!


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