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It seems that I was not able to deliver a blog post a day last week. I must say I like to think I have a good reason: I had a special visitor from France for 2 weeks (my mom), and I did enjoy every moment... but did not blog!!!

I am now back on track and ready to give my time to this cyber news.


This past week I did a BOUDOIR session. It is so much fun! It is a great gift for brides to be to their groom, or for an anniversary. The boudoir session is generally done with only the model and the photographer. You do not need to be build as a top model to do boudoir photography, as the photographer (me) is suppose to compose the best picture with your body and the lightning. I always deliver flattering pictures, as I love to play with light shadows and blur. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

As my last boudoir session is a gift for her husband soon to be, I promissed to not post any image before her wedding.


I am actually reorganising all my website... a new wedding website will go online very soon, as well as a boudoir one ;-)


Enjoy your day !

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