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Yes, I am back today. 

Just to add a comment on the session at the Mansion. As I already said earlier in the blog, sometimes, a photography session make me think of a person, a place ...

I was very lucky to grow-up in France, with an artist mother, she is still today a painter. I did spend hours and hours in Le Louvres, because my mother was faninated. 

Eileen, I am not the only one to think this, you have a Modigliani beauty, and take it as a  compliment ;-). He would have definitly take you as a model. The picture of you from the session wich makes me say this is this one:

wedding lake geneva WI00082 




And if you do not know the painter's life, I advise the movie with Andy Garcia. This is a great one...

To see the trailer:




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