Baby Photography Milwaukee ... teaser for baby G.

Published on by Laetitia

I love when new parents take the 1 year baby plan, as they have 4 photoshoots in one year to follow the evolution of the fast changing baby. But who else is following the evolution? The photographer!!! And in this case, me ;-) There is nothing more fun than to take pictures every 3 month of the same baby. Than you to have chosen me baby G.


Baby G. is 4 month old now... But is looking a lot older!!!

Do you remember him? This is a picture from his newborn session:


newborn milwaukee photographer (3)




And now the grownup one ;-)











And yes, only 4 month old... I am certain you can imagine him with the same pose and expression at 16 ;-)


I also love how baby can make people happy...








And now some random pictures of this happy baby G. See you in 3 month ;-)














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